At Country Road Cannagars we make 100% Cannabis Cigars from the Hemp/Cannabis plant. Our Cannagars are all hand packed, wrapped and cured in climate controlled humidor/rooms for at least 2 weeks to give a nice, clean, smooth and slow smoking experience.

So, you would like to know what exactly a Cannagar, canna-cigar or cannabis cigar is? An actual Cannagar is a cannabis flower packed core with or without a center skewer for venting. Then each cigar is hand wrapped in cleaned, individual cannabis plant leaves. After they are slightly dried, they are then cured in a humidity and temperature controlled humidor/room for specific length of time.  This ensures a slow, even and smooth burn.

A REAL Cannagar is not a stuffed palm leaf, blunt, doink, etc. Those are NOT a cannagar! A Cannagar is ONLY 100% of the cannabis plant, NO other plant material or other materials added. 

Cannagars & Cannarillos for your Company

Our best selling line of hemp cigars that are available! They range from 1.2 grams to 6 grams & are available in CBD, Delta-8, HHC & THCA versions. All products are full spectrum and contain less then 0.3% Delta-9 THC

Smoking a Cannagar

You’ll notice right away that a Cannagar is shaped like a cigar, therefore it lights just like a cigar. Using a butane torch, hold the flame to the business end (the flat part) of the Cannagar for at least thirty seconds, rolling the Cannagar in your fingers to provide an even burning circle. Inhale gently and hold the richly textured smoke deeply in your lungs.