Cannagar Etiquette

The first thing to note about hemp cigars, you can simply light it with a lighter or a match.

And does it matter?

YES, it matters!

Not everyone carry’s around a torch lighter to light their hemp cigar. Unless you’re doing dabs or … smoking something else that you probably shouldn’t be smoking.  Please note that we of course have no idea how other companies are rolling their cannagar products so take this with a grain of salt if you’re smoking another product, as many have problems with heat and moisture levels that can heat up the entire cigar.

Ours? You never have to worry about the entire cigar heating up and burning you. So without further ado, welcome to:


Today we will briefly go over..

How to Light a Cannagar:

  1. If you’re smoking a cannagar or canna-cigar it’s important to snip the very end of the inhalation end (not the light end like an actual cigar).
    1. Why? Because smaller spaces with MJ and Hemp tar up under situations where a tiny hole is at. When you light it the heat will send the oil to the end of the cannagar and it will end up on your teeth at times. It can be cleaned up no worries but it’s just not fun. This doesn’t just happen to our products, this is a thing that happens to all these products in the industry and by doing this step you’ll make sure to avoid this.
  2. When you light a cannagar, you’ll light it similarly to a real cigar. Take your match or lighter and you’ll put the hemp cigar in your mouth, set the flame to the tip and puff (pull air through the hemp cigar slightly), then slightly turn the hemp cigar ever so slight and puff again. You’ll repeat this turning motion while puffing until the tip is fully red. Many times you’ll have gone through one full rotation (circle) of the cannagar by this point.
  3. When you put out a cannagar, let it burn down a bit so it sort of smoulders in the ash but is no longer really putting out smoke. At this point you can gently put it out sort of like a cigarette. Once it’s out, it’s recommended to then take one of our cigar cutters and trim down the cigar a little ways past where it finished burning and snip it off slightly past that point. Then gently blow into the cannagar to remove any stagnate smoke that might have still been settled inside the cannagar.
  4. From there if you have a Country Road Cannagar, you’ll have a glass tube it came in place the recently cut end, into the tube and cork it.